When looking for a franchise to invest in, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There is an abundance of fast-food franchise opportunities. There are also a ton of children related franchises along with coffee, automotive and fitness franchises. But is choosing a franchise in a highly competition, crowded market with high overhead costs the right choice for you. Most require a brick-and-mortar location and seven-day operation which can hold your freedom hostage.

Instead of competing with the masses in an overcrowded industry, you have another option. Making your investment in a home services franchise. Concrete Chiropractor shares with you information about the concrete industry, what concrete leveling is, and the solution our service provides. Find out why a concrete leveling service may be the right franchise choice for you.

Why a Franchise in the Concrete Repair Industry

Concrete leveling is a process used to save settled concrete. The process includes drilling small holes and injecting grout material. Once the concrete is floated back up into position, the access holes are then patched.
The advantages of concrete leveling over replacement are:

  • The work can be completed in just hours, not days.
  • Saves money over concrete replacement.
  • Less invasive to surrounding landscape.
  • Avoids concrete slab color differences associated with replacement.

Concrete leveling is the preferred solution to avoid costly rip out and replacement for pool decks, patios, garage floors, home floors, warehouse floors, sidewalks and more. The cost runs are roughly one-third to half the cost of replacement, resulting in a service that will also sell itself.

What to Know Before Investing in the Franchise

If you are looking to get in the concrete leveling business, there can be a long learning curve in which many costly mistakes can be made along the way. These mistakes can delay or prevent a well-intentioned business investor from achieving success. Concrete Chiropractor has been successfully operating since 2000 and has several locations. Our trademarked name and system of raising concrete is time proven. Started and based on a family business principle, we take your investment and success as serious as you do.

What is the Cost to Get Started

Concrete Chiropractor charges an initial franchise fee of $45,000 as part of a total estimated start-up cost ranging from $112,525 to $272,600, depending on the equipment package that best fits your needs.

No Experience Necessary

Concrete leveling does not require the same time investment as concrete finishing which can take several years. While there is a learning curve with any process, you will work side by side with our seasoned concrete leveling experts to learn the process.

Once you have been trained in the concrete leveling process, equipment, marketing, and sales, you can build your business to a level of your choice. This will allow you to hire others to complete the daily work activities while you are free to oversee the management.

What are the Benefits of Franchising with Concrete Chiropractor

We are not an equipment seller that will give you a crash course and send you off with a how to book and a handshake. We are a developed business system which has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to establish and maintain the following:

  • A trademarked business name which has a curiosity factor like no other. The name “Concrete Chiropractor” is an attention grabber that will stop others in thought, causing them to question the service you offer, wanting to know more. Since 2000, this has shown to be true time and time again.
  • A website that is maintained and optimized for search engines. This requires a substantial investment of time and money on a consistent basis. Once you join us, your franchise location is added to our site as the point of contact for your area and the optimization process begins for your area and local towns in your protected region.
  • Expert training in marketing your service. We show you the resources to turn to so you can get the word out about your service. We then show you who to contact to cultivate business relationships that result in ongoing business.
  • We track results so we can build and adjust your marketing campaign based on numbers.
  • Ongoing support. During your job evaluation process, you may have questions. With our extensive masonry construction background, we are familiar with standard commercial and residential construction practices.
  • We have done and seen just about all since 2000. This allows us to help you with troubleshooting and provide you with proper answers when you have questions.
  • You will be part of a well-established business system which builds immediate trust with your customer base.

Considering a Concrete Chiropractor Franchise

If you would like to see if you have what it takes to own and operate a Concrete Chiropractor franchise, or see how the opportunity can benefit you, please check out our website for more. There you request more information and see how you can become a franchise owner today!

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