About us

Welcome to the Concrete Chiropractor. I’m Kris Winters, owner and founder of Concrete Chiropractor ® LLC. A concrete repair and leveling company.

In 2000 I started the Concrete Chiropractor ® LLC. I have been in commercial and residential masonry construction since 1979. I believe it is because of this past knowledge that our customers acknowledge us as the best specialists in the New Jersey concrete repair business. We offer the best quality, guaranteed work, when it comes to concrete repair in New Jersey .

If you have concrete that is sunken or settled, but in otherwise good condition, we save it by lifting your existing concrete. This results is you saving an average of 50% to 70% over concrete replacement.

Currently, we service nearly all of Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey as Philadelphia and parts of PA. We have developed a growth plan based on an unparalleled level of customer service and. We are currently working on the expansion of our well-established successful business name.

If you have a desire to succeed by joining a system and process that has unlimited potential you can learn more on our website and do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely, Kris Winters President